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The first love never forgets. Since 1994 we have been working on Music Clip in all aspects, from production to creative direction. 


The experience it's the essence of our work. In the 90s in Milan we faced the mess-tin working with the brands and the most prestigious names of the time.


Swatch, Omega, Piaggio, Volkswagen, Philips, Martini, Nokia, Nastro Azzuro, Sony Ericksson, Motorola, Barilla, Findus, Simmenthal, Pantene, Wella, Puma, Infasil, Gilette, Braun, Wonder Bra, Etc,Etc.


We want you, we love telling your story. Never like today has it been so important to show who you are, and what better then a short story of your work, about the experience of your growing business.


 If your eyes cannot see clearly, use those of the soul.
We want to hear your story. We want to tell it together.

We've been lucky, our C.E.O. had the opportunity to work with Masters of the big screen like "Vittorio Storaro" in a long Career as Actor, We love movies.


We live in a way where visual literacy has taken hold in literature. We are not entirely happy, we can not and should not force ourselves to a single meaning. We speak Italian, French, Spanish, Russian. Can we help you?


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About us

Alessandro Di Natale C.E.O.


Since 1994 till today, he've worked in the film industries. His first experience as an actor it made him fall in love with this artistic world. Photography, films were the guiding thread his existence till today. And always will be. As a freelance he have always devoted his self to all aspect of the work, so that today boast a remarkable experience at 360 degrees.



· “Come Due Coccodrilli” Movie, 1994. Awards “NICE” Ny.

· “Ketcup” Short film, 1995. Awards “Best Short of the year” Venice, Italy.

· “Don Giovanni” Documentary, 1998.

· “Fuori dal Mondo” Movie, 1999. Awards “5 David di Donatello” Venice, Italy.

· “Eastender” Serial, 1999. BBC London.

· “Red Mud” Short film, 2002. Awards “Best Drama” Los Angeles.

· “L’Uomo Perfetto” Movie, comedy. 2005.

· “Caravaggio” Movie, 2008. 

· “La Baronessa di Carini” Movie, 2008.

· “Wild Blood” Movie, 2008. Awards “David di Donatello” Venice, Italy.

· “Ciso” Movie, 2010.


· “Nastro azzurro” Partitona, 1996.

· “Philips” European campaign, 1997.

· “Pomi” O Cosi o Pomi, 1998.

· “Martini” Veleno, 1998. World Wide.

· “Bayiles” Pool, 1999. World Wide. 

· “Parmalat” Omega 3, 1999.

· “Findus” Pronto in tavola, 1999.

· “Martini” La Vida Loca, 2000. Word wide.

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About us

Olga Topchii Photographer

"I moved from my country soon, I could not sit still in a bucket. There was not enough water to swim freely. I love discovering new places and meeting new people, different cultures and ways to share this journey of life.

Photography also helped me to correct the emotions that I could not express in a different way, when my English was rather poor.

Since I was a child, I fell in love with it and I never stopped.

My photographic work allows me an interaction that nothing else can give me. The freedom to discover the emotional mechanism hidden in the picture, in the back stage of a concert or on the wedding day, excites me simply. I like to see the full side of the empty glass, that's how I live and work. That's why I can’t wait to meet you."

Olga has a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Multimedia Design, Touro College, NY.

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Confident, dedicated, enthusiastic, creative. Born in Ukraine, she moved to New York when she was only 20 years old, moving first to Alaska where she worked in a salmon packaging industry to get by.

Her determination and her willingness to become a professional photographer have taken her so far, until today. American citizen, photographer for 9 years with a degree in Graphics and Design.

Brava Olga.



Recordings, Mixing, Mastering

When you enter the JunkFish Studio you breathe an informal air but, at the same time, very professional.  One feels at home and also immersed in technology. An environment to which we have paid a lot of attention to the acoustic treatment and technical details, without forgetting the pleasure of comfort.  We have created a hybrid setup, constantly evolving and upgrading, digital and analogical machines in class A.  Our intent is to use the "old school" techniques but also to take advantage of the new digital technologies to speed up the workflow and to better express your creativity without losing the flow.  Creating and producing from us also means, above all, creating friendship and spontaneity. Beautiful people are as important to us as technology and talent.

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The Junkfishfilm isn't alone, we are the New York Branch of the Junkfish Records, Label that provide you a full professional Sound Design. The Junkfish records it's based in Italy, Novara. The land of "Nebbiolo" Vine Grape, rice and the most famous "Gorgonzola" Cheese. If you need to records, master, or create Sound. You find the place to be.




Founded in 2014, Codemusik Media Group brings forth a fresh vision. Our only goal is to provide high-quality content for today's increasingly independent, and even more visually-reliant business/entertainment marketplaces. The heartbeat of Codemusik is its passion and dedication to creative independence. 

Dare to be Original 

Creative Partnership

We are convinced that working with the right team is always the best choice to get the best out of every situation. The diversity and multiplicity of content that are required today, do not scare us, but instead encourage us to get the best. Thanks to the team work!

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